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Craft Apron Tutorial

Craft Apron Tutorial




  • Canvas or other medium-heavy weight fabric for apron body- I used canvas from a painters drop cloth
  • Muslin or sheeting for apron and pocket lining
  • Variety of printed fabric for patchwork- I used 8 different prints but you can use more or less
  • Solid fabric for ties
  • Batting for quilting the pocket- I used cotton quilt batting
  • A cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler are extremely helpful but not necessary

Cutting Dimensions:

  • Cut one each canvas and lining fabric 12.5 inches by 30 inches, this will be the body of the apron
  • Cut one lining fabric 6 inches by 30 inches for the pocket lining
  • Cut 2 from the fabric for ties 35 inches by 2.5 inches
  • Decide how you want your patchwork pocket to look and cut strips of several different prints in various sizes. This will make the pocket. For the design above I cut 7 strips 6 inches by 3 inches (see either end in picture of finished apron above), four strips four inches wide by three inches tall ( bottom center), one strip approximately 12.5 inches long (red piece top center).
  • I use a 1/4" seam allowance for sewing

Step One Lay out your patchwork, overlapping the pieces by 1/4 " until you have it approx 30" x 6"




Once you are happy with the layout sew your strips together. If you want to use the layout I've used, start by sewing the 3" x 6" strips together. (sections 1 & 2)  Next sew the 4" x 3" pieces together (section 3). Once each section is sewn together press your seams. Sew sections 3 & 4 together, trim as needed for sizing, press. This will be the center section, sew sections 1 & 2 to either end. 


Once you have that all pieced together cut your cotton batting slightly larger than the patchwork and place the patchwork on top of the batting. I use a temporary basting spray to hold it securely for quilting and I also pin it in several places.

Machine quilt straight lines approx 1" apart across the patchwork. I use a quilting guide on my walking foot, but you can mark the lines with a water soluble pen.


Trim the excess batting and patchwork to fit your lining piece 6" x 30"


Place lining on top of patchwork right sides together and sew across top only. Turn to right side and press.

Place the apron piece (canvas) right side up on your work surface, place the pocket right side up lining it up with the apron bottom, on top of that place the apron lining.


Secure with pins and sew around all four sides, leaving a small (approx 4" section at top for turning right side out). Trim seam allowances turn and press.

Almost finished.

Mark the divisions for your pockets. There will be five pockets. The finished width of the apron is about 29 inches making the pockets approx 5 3/4". I say approx because I stitch the pocket section over one of the existing quilting lines, so they will likely not all be the exact same size. Sew down the division lines, making sure to secure the top of the pocket by backstitching several times.


Now all you have to do is make and attach the straps and you're finished.

Fold the short ends of the straps in approx. 1/2" and press.


Fold in half the long way, press


Open and fold each side in to center, press


Fold again to hide raw edges, press... yes there's lots of pressing. Aprontut12

Repeat with other strap. Sew down the open side and you're onto the final step.


Pin in place about 1" in from the end and 1/4" down from the top of the apron. Repeat with other strap. Sew straps in place and sew across top of apron to secure opening that was left for turning.


Wear and enjoy.


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