Eastday.com is a news-oriented Website that provides everything from breaking news and blogs to opinions and videos.

Launched in May 28, 2000, Eastday is jointly set up by Shanghai Jinwin Investment Co Ltd, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Oriental Pearl (Group) Co Ltd, Shanghai Information Investment Inc, Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group, Jiefang Daily Group, Shanghai Education Television Station, Labor Daily and Youth Daily.

365bet软件下载安卓版appThe Website is the parent company of a local newspaper -- City Herald and holds stakes in 16 companies including the Shanghai Eastdaybar Chain Administration Co Ltd, Shanghai Oriental Digital Community Co Ltd, Shanghai Easttone Ltd, Shanghai East Webtone Data Technology Co Ltd and Shanghai East Credibility Online Co Ltd.

Our Website provides 80 channels in three languages – Chinese, English and Japanese. It attracts two million daily users and draws about 40 million page views per day.

365bet软件下载安卓版appAdopting more than 1,000 technologies, we provide a network platform for both the Website of the Shanghai Municipal Government and World Expo 2010, as well as 1,000 Shanghai-based companies.

365bet软件下载安卓版appEastday wants to be the first choice of both Shanghai Internet users and surfers outside China looking for authoritative news on Shanghai and China.

365bet软件下载安卓版appThe Website has also developed interactive businesses by cooperating with Shanghai Mobile and other platforms to form a cultural and economic information chain.

Eastday plans to be a famous news provider in Shanghai, China and the world.

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